Family doctors may refer patients directly to my office via fax or email. Referrals must include a description of the current problem as well as a brief summary of the past history and a list of current medications (if any).

Prospective patients will be contacted by phone and then sent a Confidential Intake Questionnaire to be completed and returned prior to the first appointment.

At the conclusion of therapy, a discharge letter will be sent to the family doctor. This letter will describe any changes that have occurred and will highlight areas the patient intends to focus on in continuing their personal growth.

For further information, please contact Dr. Catherine M. Low MD, MDPAC(C) by phone at 613-680-3353 or by email.

Please Note:

Dr. Catherine M. Low's patient waiting list is currently full. If you are a family physician and would like to refer a patient please contact in January 2017 to see if new openings are available at that time.