About Therapy

Therapy is an active process where I act as a guide to help you see where your resources are and how to utilize them appropriately. I am trained in a number of modalities that include CBT, schema therapy, SandTray therapy and Satir Method therapy. I operate from a series of ‘therapeutic beliefs’ that inform the choices that I make in how to work with you in your journey. They are as follows:

  1. Change is possible. Even if external change is limited, internal change is possible.
  2. We all have the internal resources we need to cope successfully and to grow.
  3. Therapy needs to focus on health and possibilities instead of pathology.
  4. Hope is a significant component or ingredient for change.
  5. We cannot change past events, only the effects they have on us.
  6. Appreciating and accepting the past increases our ability to manage our present.
  7. We are all manifestations of the same life force.
  8. Feelings belong to us. We all have them.
  9. Healthy human relationships are built on equality of value.
  10. Congruence and high self-esteem are major goals in therapy.

Above list from: “The Satir Method: Family Therapy and Beyond” by Virginia Satir, John Banmen, Jane Gerber and Maria Gomori copyright 1991 by Science and Behaviour Books Inc. 

SandTray Therapy

“SandTray therapy is a form of expressive art therapy where the patient uses sand and miniature objects to symbolically represent aspects of their life journey that may be difficult to express in words. A basic premise of SandTray therapy is that the psyche possesses a natural tendency to heal itself given the right conditions. In SandTray therapy the therapist provides the patient with a protected space in which to explore their inner world with the goal of discovering new things about themselves that will ultimately aid them in their healing.”

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